Shark Rotator Liftaway Review


Shark® Rotator(tm) Professional Extended Reach Vacuum 

To Note: The description claims this is a 3 in 1 and can become a canister or liftaway. I am not sure if this is the right description for this model the NV402. I purchased my NV402 from Bed Bath and Beyond and it is not a 3 in 1 which is why I specifically bought it. Just want to clarify that.

This vacuum is replacing my 4+ year old Bissell pet hair eraser so I can’t compare it to any of the newer vacuum models. First off I bought this from Bed Bath and Beyond because I had a %20 off coupon and free shipping that brought the original price of $219 to $175. This particular one came with an asthma and allergy attachment kit. I choose this Rotator instead of the already popular 3-in-1 rotator because I have a rather new canister vacuum and didn’t want another one with more parts than I needed that I would have to find a place to store. We live in a smaller space and I didn’t want more stuff than I needed. I was a bit disappointed in that the only tools that the vacuum has room for you to store on the unit itself is the crevice tool and brush. So I have three other tools I have to find a place for and there was no bag that came with for storage of these.

After receiving my box I promptly opened it and started taking everything out. I laid all the pieces out and then followed the direction to put together. This was not difficult and took about 10 minutes (some things I needed to reread to make sure I was doing right). Once put together the unit felt very sturdy to me yet not bulky. I quickly plugged it in for it’s first test run. First thing I noticed was that there is no lever to release the unit from standing. Instead you place your foot on the base and pull back on the handle. I love this and for some reason find it more convenient. This is also my first vacuum that “swivels” and that took a little to get use but once I adjusted to this feature I fell in love with it. The ability to get around corners and tight spots was made so much easier. I also enjoyed the smaller foot print the brush head has than my last vacuum because I can get into more spaces without having to move as many objects around. The profile of the head is also smaller than my last vacuum which allows me to vacuum further under furniture than previously which I found to be a huge plus. The vacuum was very easy to push around, nothing like my last that gave me a workout. The lights on the front are a nice feature but I don’t see myself using or needing that often.

The cord is on my left side,which is a little odd for me, as I would prefer on my right side but it is not a deal breaker by far. Plus a good thing to note is there is a cord hook on the handle that allows you to feed the cord to the right so it can still be held in the right hand easily.

I love the easy to empty canister, far superior from my old vacuum.

While I have had this vacuum only about a week and half I am in love. I empty the dust canister before each use and am amazed at how much it picks up each time and I have been vacuuming about every other day.